About Muhal

What’s Wrong?

Online freedom of expression in Lebanon is under threat. Since 2016, the number of freedom of expression-related detentions has increased dramatically. Articles in the penal code, military justice code, and other laws are often held up to justify the pre-trial detention of citizens, which can span multiple days. Many of these cases remain open for an indefinite period of time, allowing defendants to be tried at a whim. While many outside Lebanon perceive it as a hub for free expression, the reality is far different.

What is Muhal?

Muhal is SMEX’s ongoing, evidence-based campaign to document detentions and arrests related to online freedom of speech in Lebanon. Muhal aims to raise awareness about these issues among civil society organizations, journalists, young people, and other stakeholders and pressure policymakers to change the laws, particularly regarding defamation and libel, that have led to the majority of these arrests.

Muhal will also shed light on the pre-trial detention process and bring in an end to this tactic, particularly for freedom of expression related cases.

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Get Involved

If you or someone you know has been detained by the authorities regarding posts on social media, report a case by filling in the form and we will upload it to the database.